Little Brick Campaign

Our Charity Needs Your Help

Support us to continue with our work, your help is essential! The Inácio Daniel Charity operates in a rented property that must be returned at the request of the landlord. To continue with dozens of projects that assist thousands of people every month in the capital of Brazil, we need to acquire our own headquarter. But this is impossible without your help. Provide a lasting legacy by participating in our campaign. Donate with a symbolic brick and your name or the name of your loved one will be engraved in one of the walls. And please help us spread the word by sharing the campaign on your social networks.


Who We Are

The Inácio Daniel Charity was founded by Maira Rocha with the purpose of bringing comfort and help to people from different regions of the capital of Brazil, always based on the ideals of love, fraternity, solidarity and donation.

This group is dedicated to material assistance to our brothers and sisters living on the streets or going through food insecurity at their homes, with 18 projects aimed at giving food, clothes, personal care and cleaning materials, layettes, school materials, kitchen gas, in addition to subsidizing the purchase of medication and carrying out laboratory tests not provided by the public health network.

Every month we deliver approximately more than 1,000 basic food baskets, 3,000 lunchboxes and snack kits, 1,500 sanitary napkins and much, much love and hope to our beneficiaries. Every day we work for this greater ideal: charity. We were an idea, today we are together a reality aimed at the underprivileged and towards a world of peace, love and solidarity, always seeking to reduce poverty and social inequalities that plague our community.

How To Donate

You can help us by acquiring a symbolic brick, which will represent a portion of the land where the construction of the headquarter will take place. Each brick has a color and its value.

– Blue Brick : $100 USD
– White Brick: $50 USD
– Beige brick: $25 USD
– Gray Brick: $10 USD

Choose the value of the brick and complete a transfer via Apple Pay to the number (206)779-3003 or Venmo for the user @joaoassuncao

After the donation, please send the receipt to (206)779-3003. This way we will be able to transfer the funds to the charity and share the name of the person selected by you to be honored on the wall.

Everyone will get their digital Founding Donor Certificate and an audio message of recognition from Maira Rocha.